Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ANN gConfig 0.1 - a Configuration tool for Griffon

I am pleased to announce the first public release of gConfig 0.1, a configuration tool for Griffon, a Groovy Technology.

While building Griffon applications, I found myself doing the same repeatative steps when I started building the application. Install these sets of plugins, get those additional 3rd party jars, and oh ya, I want a menubar, toolbar, statusbar, . . . , you get the drift.

I felt like I was spending too much time doing boilerplate code. So I did what any good IT person would do, made it easier through automation. The result is gConfig.

After creating the application, you run gConfig. gConfig is a wizard that will present you with a list of the currently available plugins. You pick which ones you one and the move on to select some popular predefined 3rd party jars. Finally, you are presented with a collection of templates (Menubar, ToolBar, StatusBar, About, and Tips) to install.

When you have completed your selections, gConfig will do the rest. Install the plugins, download the jars, and install the selected templates.

It saves a load of time.

Give it a try.

Screen Shots:


Jim Shingler said...

NOTE: Make sure that GRIFFON_HOME is set.

flyisland said...

it looks interesting, I'd like to try it later

Fungible said...

It's not clear what to do once you've run gConfig. How do you blend it into the app? I take it I'm supposed to do something with JumpStartViewMixin, but I'm not sure what.

Jim Shingler said...


You should be able to just run the Griffon application. Based upon the selections made in gConfig, . . . Plugins, Libs and Templates will be installed for you.

Anonymous said...


I am having problems getting it to run. 1st, the log4j jar was missing and had to add it. Next, I can install libraries but only one at a time. The last error is installing the templates, it comes back with error on upgrading griffon to 0.1.1 because it thinks its at 0.1.0 but I am at 0.1.1. I have tried this on both mac and windows XP

Thanks, Randy

Jim Shingler said...


I just got back from Vacation, . . . I haven't experienced the problems you mentioned but will take a look at the code to see If I can find anything that might cause the issues you are observing, . . .

Others have had issues with not having GROOVY_HOME and GRIFFON_HOME set, you might want to verify that. What version of Griffon and Groovy are you running?


Michel said...

I have the same error at the template step. With that I get the next exception: java.security.PrivilegedActionException: java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out: connect

Could be the reason for this that in this case I have to use a proxy for connections?

Like it needs to use the "griffon set-proxy" target???

Joerg Gellien said...

Hi Jim,
fine tool to use gConfig - very convenient.
After upgrading to griffon 0.1.2 I get an error :
Application expects griffon version [0.1.2], but GRIFFON_HOME is version [0.1.0] ...

I have found that gConfig actually uses griffon 0.1.
Are the sources available online or can you provide a newer version?

Best regards and thanks in advance


Jim Shingler said...


Thanks for the heads up, I'll take a look at it.

Jim Shingler said...

Yup, looks like some of the changes in latest griffon and gConfig don't play well together.

I'll take a look at it.

Jim Shingler said...

I upgraded gConfig checkout:

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