Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gr8 Conf - Outstanding Success

Well the Gr8Conf was an outstanding success. The organizers Soeren Glasius and Guillaume Laforge put on Gr8 Conference, it will be hard to top.

Guillaume Laforge, Graeme Rocher, Paul King, Dierk Koenig, Jochen Theodorou, and many other Groovy technology giants were there. It was an honor to be in the presence of all that Groovy brain power, . . .

The attendees were pretty sharp too, . . . there were some gr8 questions and ideas shared. I've already started following on the Griffon ideas.

And Copenhagen, . . . What a wonderful place. Everyone was very kind and helpful. And the sights, . . . Many wonderful things to see and do.

I would like to give a special Thank you to Soeren for being such a Gr8 Host. He really took Gr8 care of everyone and made everyone feel at home. I would especially like to thank him for helping me and my family have fun and seeing the sights of Copenhagen and Denmark.


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