Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ANN: AbeilleForm-Builder 0.1 - Griffon Plugin

I am pleased to announce the first release of AbeilleForm Builder. The AbeilleForm Builder makes it possible to easily use Abeille Forms in your Groovy swingbuilder and Griffon applications

Abeille Forms Designer is a GUI builder for Java applications. Developers and designers can create complex, professional forms in minutes. Designers can drag and drop components onto a WYSIWYG editor. Full support for undo/redo and copy/paste is provided. Components can be easily customized by adding images or modifying their properties. Advanced fill effects are supported such as textures and gradients.

With the AbeilleForm Builder, you can use the .jfrm file in your application and access the form components.


The builder is installed as follows:

griffon install-plugin abeilleform-builder


iconImage: imageIcon('/griffon-icon-48x48.png').image,
iconImages: [imageIcon('/griffon-icon-48x48.png').image,
) {
formPanel(id: "cf", "countForm.jfrm")
countButton.action = clickAction
bind(source: model ,sourceProperty: "count", target: countLabel, targetProperty: "text" )

Notice the node "formPanel". The "formPanel" node loads the ".jfrm" form created in the AbeilleForm Designer into your griffon application. During the process of loading the form, the builder creates a bean reference for the form components. This allows us to address the form component by name. E.g "countButton" and "countLabel"

You can learn more about AbeilleForms at http://abeille.dev.java.net


Lee Grey said...

Thanks for this excellent tool to ease GUI creation!

You might point out that the Abeille form needs to be saved to the griffon-app/resources folder.

John said...

I created a form with a JTextArea named "jTextArea" and then tried the following:

application(title:'DemoConsole', pack:true, locationByPlatform:true) {
formPanel(id: "cf", "form1.jfrm")
jTextArea.text = "bananas";

The form loads in my app but I get the error "No such property: jTextArea" for class:...."

Do you know why that might be?

Anonymous said...

it's probably because the groovy swingbuilder removes the j and lower cases the first letter of the component. try just textarea instead of jTextArea.

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