Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Griffon Celebrates

WooHooo! Griffon celebrates the first anniversary of its public release today. Griffon was first released Sept. 10, 2008. It is hard to believe it has only been a year.

It has been a very productive first year. Griffon is maturing and the word is getting out. For me, the most notable event was Guillaume Laforge winning the Java One 2009 Scriptbowl with an application called Twittersphere. Twittersphere was build using Griffon and Groovy.

The founding fathers of Griffon (Danno Ferrin, Andres Almiray, James Williams) have done an absolutely fabulous job. Their work and dedication have enabled it to become what it is today.

Well Done guys!

PS Keep your ears open, . . . you might hear some Griffon news soon.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

ANN: gConfig 0.1.2

I am pleased to announce the release of gConfig 0.1.2, a configuration tool for Griffon, a Groovy Technology.

This release is an upgrade to Griffon 0.1.2 and resolves a LogManager not found issue.


While building Griffon applications, I found myself doing the same repeatative steps when I started building the application. Install these sets of plugins, get those additional 3rd party jars, and oh ya, I want a menubar, toolbar, statusbar, . . . , you get the drift.

I felt like I was spending too much time doing boilerplate code. So I did what any good IT person would do, made it easier through automation. The result is gConfig.

After creating the application, you run gConfig. gConfig is a wizard that will present you with a list of the currently available plugins. You pick which ones you one and the move on to select some popular predefined 3rd party jars. Finally, you are presented with a collection of templates (Menubar, ToolBar, StatusBar, About, and Tips) to install.

When you have completed your selections, gConfig will do the rest. Install the plugins, download the jars, and install the selected templates.

It saves a load of time.

Give it a try.

Screen Shots: