Tuesday, November 13, 2007

IOC Container for JavaME - FallME

How would you like to have a Inversion of Control container on the JavaME platform?

Chris Judd, a good friend, and I were developing a couple of JavaME applications and found ourselves wanting an IOC container on the JavaME platform. After some searching, we found that there aren't any.

So like all good IT Professionals, . . . If the tool you need doesn't exist, build it. And so we did.

As a play on words, we named it FallME.

Check out FallMe at: https://fallme.dev.java.net/

Grails Book

I am currently writing a new Grails book with two good friends based upon Grails 1.0. The book is setup to compliment "The Definitive Guide to Grails". It will be available April 2008.

Practical Grails Projects: Agile Web Development for the Java Platform using Groovy and Grails