Thursday, July 3, 2008

Phone Number Custom Constraint for Grails

Grails contains really great Validators that you can use in your constraints. But it is missing one that I need for a project I am working on, . . . There is no PhoneNumber constraint. Luckily, I ran across Geoff Lane's Post: Build a Custom Validator in Grails with a Plugin

In Chapter 2 Regular Expressions section of Beginning Groovy and Grails, we show using a regular expression to validate phone numbers. Well, now I had all of the parts required to make a PhoneNumber Custom Validator.


class party {
String name
String workPhone

static constraints = = {

The Constraint:

import org.codehaus.groovy.grails.validation.AbstractConstraint
import org.springframework.validation.Errors

* Phone Number Constraint
* The phone number constraint is used to validate phone number formats
* Registering the Constraint.
* App Registration Config.groovy
* org.codehaus.groovy.grails.validation.ConstrainedProperty.registerNewConstraint(
* PhoneNumberConstraint.NAME, PhoneNumberConstraint.class)

* Plugin Registration MyPlugin.groovy:
* def doWithSpring = {
* ConstrainedProperty.registerNewConstraint(PhoneNumberConstraint.NAME, PhoneNumberConstraint.class);
* }

* This plugin is based upon the following posts:
* @author Jim Shingler ShinglerJim at
class PhoneNumberConstraint extends AbstractConstraint {

private static final String DEFAULT_MESSAGE_CODE = "default.phoneNumber.invalid.message";
public static final String NAME = "phoneNumber";

private boolean validateConstraint

public void setParameter(Object constraintParameter) {
if (!(constraintParameter instanceof Boolean))
throw new IllegalArgumentException("Parameter for constraint ["
+ NAME + "] of property ["
+ constraintPropertyName + "] of class ["
+ constraintOwningClass + "] must be a boolean value");

this.validateConstraint = ((Boolean) constraintParameter).booleanValue()

protected void processValidate(Object target, Object propertyValue, Errors errors) {
if (validateConstraint && !validate(target, propertyValue)) {
def args = (Object[]) [constraintPropertyName, constraintOwningClass,
super.rejectValue(target, errors, DEFAULT_MESSAGE_CODE,
"not." + NAME, args);

boolean supports(Class type) {
return type != null && String.class.isAssignableFrom(type);

String getName() {
return NAME;

* This is where the real work is. Use a regular expression to validate
* the phone number.
* The core logic of the constraint is implemented as its own method to make the
* constraint easier to test.
boolean validate(target, propertyValue) {
propertyValue ==~ /^[01]?\s*[\(\.-]?(\d{3})[\)\.-]?\s*(\d{3})[\.-](\d{4})$/

The real work is in the validate function.

As you can see, creating a custom constraint is really pretty easy. Just make sure that you follow the directions in the constraint class comments to register the constraint.


zzkozak said...

Thank you! It is really usefull for me!

Inge said...

good article, though I don't agree with your "easy" statement :-) groovy/grails should be about non verbose code, and conventions over configuration. this is full flex java/spring code which contains A LOT of lines for a single regexp.

Anonymous said...

I didn't read your code because, well it's obvious, but I think this is what you're trying to achieve:

class party {
String name
String workPhone

static constraints = = {
workPhone(matches: /^[01]?\s*[\(\.-]?(\d{3})[\)\.-]?\s*(\d{3})[\.-](\d{4})$/)

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Chris said...

Hi, I am also trying to figure out how to validate phone numbers and stumbled upon your blog post. It looks like the regex pattern you're using doesn't work if someone just types in their phone number with no additional punctuation or separators. For instance 2123832210 and 12123832210 both fail the validation, even though they are valid phone numbers.

I am working on an alternate approach, basically a phone number scrubber. Strip away all the non-digits, validate just the numbers and format using a standard ?? (???) ???-???? format or something similar.

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