Friday, June 13, 2008

BGG – Beginning Groovy and Grails – June 23

BGG is imminent. It is scheduled for release on June 23.

Here is a brief overview of the books structure.

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Groovy

This chapter defines Groovy, explains hot to install it, and then through example, demonstrates its power, flexibility, and readability compared to the Java language

Chapter 2 – Groovy Basics

This chapter explains the basic Groovy syntax, structures, and tools

Chapter 3 – More Advanced Groovy

This chapter goes beyond the Groovy basics to cover unit testing, XML processing, templating, and metaprograming. In includes a discussion on domain-specific languages (DSL).

Chapter 4 – Introduction to Grails

This chapter defines the Grails architecture and its features. It then explains how to install Grails and get started developing applications with scaffolding.

Chapter 5 – Building the User Interface

This chapter explains how to combine Groovy Server Pages (GSP), controllers, Grails tags, templates, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to build a basic user interface.

Chapter 6 – Building Domains and Services

This chapter explains how Grails uses a domain-driven approach to developing applications and how domain objects can be persisted using the powerful Grails Object Relational Mapping (GORM) framework. The chapter concludes by showing how you organize application logic into reusable and injectable services.

Chapter 7 – Security in Grails

This chapter explains and demonstrates the alternative security options available in Grails.

Chapter 8 – Web 2.0 – Ajax and Friends

This chapter explains how to add usability to your application through adding Ajax functionality, searching, and RSS.

Chapter 9 – Web Services

This chapter shows how to expose parts of your application to other clients using representational state transfer (REST) web services.

Chapter 10 – Reporting

This chapter explains how to use JasperReports and iReports to expose reports in multiple formats, including PDF, HTML, XML, and XLS.

Chapter 11 – Batch Processing

This chapter showcases how to schedule jobs to run automatically and how to generate e-mail messages.

Chapter 12 – Deploying and Upgrading

This chapter describes how to configure, package, and deploy Grails applications to alternative database and application servers.

Chapter 13 – Alternative Clients

This chapter builds a Swing client using Groovy that interacts with the Grails application through the RESTful web services built in Chapter 9

You can order your copy from Amazon, Beginning Groovy and Grails


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