Sunday, January 18, 2009

ANN: Griffon Splash Screen Plugin

I am pleased to announce the release of my first Griffon plugin, Splash. Splash is a Griffon splash screen plugin based upon Roy Ratcliff's Java Splash Screen paper


griffon install-plugin splash

The "initialize.groovy" script causes the splash screen to be displayed. The splash screen is disposed of by the "ready.groovy" script. Griffon executes teh initialize script then creates and initialize the controller, model, and view. Durring the initialization process, the splash screen status can be updated using the following technique.

SplashScreen.getInstance().showStatus("Initializing the Controller")

The plugin also provides the ability to provide your own image. this is accomplished in the
script using the following technique.

def splashScreen = SplashScreen.getInstance()

// Setting a splash image
URL url = this.class.getResource("mySplash.jpg")

Keep an eye on:

A special thanks to Andres Almiray for helping me and all of the Griffon Team.


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