Thursday, May 15, 2008

ACORD Enterprise Architecture - Round Table

I had the pleasure of participating on the ACORD / LOMA Forum Enterprise Architecture Best Practices round table. It was great. We had a good round table panel and the audience asked some very thought full questions. The time just flew by.

I would like to thank all of Round Table participants, Frank Neugebauer and ACORD for putting the round table together. I look forward to working with you on the Information Model Advisory committee.

Enterprise Architecture Best Practices
Presenter(s): Gwen Smith, AXIS Capital; Salvador Sierra, AXIS Insurance; William Duym, AIG; Rich Maynard, The Hartford; Jim Shingler, Nationwide; Frank Neugebauer, ACORD
This panel of enterprise architects will discuss their experiences with using disciplined best practices to create well-defined enterprise architectures that meet business needs. Learn from their collective experiences, but will start with a base discussion of The Open Group Architecture Framework, including how ACORD Standards (including the ACORD Standards Framework) fit.


Frank said...


We were so happy to have you on the panel (speaking of ACORD). I enjoyed the panel too, and the audience had very positive feedback.

Frank Neugebauer

tim said...

Good Job! :)

Duncan said...

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