Friday, December 28, 2007

Groovy Encode / Decode

Recently, I needed to encode and decode some information for a project I was working on. I wrote a quick little snippet to show encoding and decoding a string in the same program.


def me = "Jim Shingler"
println "Me: ${me}"

// Encode it
def encoded = me.bytes.encodeBase64()
println "encoded: ${encoded}"

// because I need a string for decoding
StringWriter sw = new StringWriter()

// Decode it
String decoded = new String(sw.toString().decodeBase64())
assert decoded == me
println "decoded: ${decoded}"


Me: Jim Shingler
encoded: SmltIFNoaW5nbGVy
decoded: Jim Shingler


Danno said...

Groovy is a beautiful thing.

A.A.A said...
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A.A.A said...

well. good but nothing special really. any Base64 class would do the same. Actually they usually do better, that do the string conversion too.

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